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Buying an investment property is a powerful wealth creation strategy. Access hundreds of investment property loans from our wide choice of lenders. We will shop around for you and let our investment property mortgage broker negotiate a competitive rate.

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Property Investment & Wealth Creation

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Are you a first-time investor starting out in the real estate game? Or an experienced landlord looking to expand your portfolio? While the market is rife with plenty of investment opportunities, getting expert help along the way is always a smart move.

At What If We Finance, our mortgage experts help you unlock the power of investment property. Whether you’re buying one or multiple properties, developing a property, buying off the plan or building multiple homes our experience will take the stress out of finance so you can focus on what is important to you.

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Investment Property Loan Rates

Rates for investment property loans are usually at least 0.5% to 0.75% higher than standard rates. So, for example, if today's averate rate for a primary residence is at 2.125%, you can expect rates for investment properties to start around 2.625% to 2.875%.

Keep in mind that standard rates are based on the profile of prime borrowers and other determining factors such as credit score, cash reserves, debt-to-income ratio and loan-to-value ratio on the investment property.

That's why average rates for investment property loans should be used as a benchmark online. When buying an investment property, be sure to compare quotes from lenders and consult and investment property mortgage broker to find the best deal for you.

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What’s the Difference of Investment Property Loans Compared to Other Loans?

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Investment property loan requirements and terms are different compared to standard home loans. For instance, lenders tend to be stingier with loans for investment properties as the risks of default and foreclosure are higher. The guidelines for approval also won't be as lenient as those for a primary residence. The same goes for investment property refinancing.

If you are thinking of arranging investment property loans, consult your trusted investment property mortgage broker. They will help speed up the process and secure a suitable loan that minimises risks and maximises returns.

How to Get Low Interest rates on Investment Property Loans?

While it's hard to escape high interest rates on investment property loans, there are ways to ensure you get the best deal possible such as making a bigger downpayment, improving your credit score, and comparing rates from various lenders. What If We Finance can help you with the third method as we work with a wide network of lenders to let you secure the best possible loan for your financial situation.

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Unbiased, Expert Property Investment Mortgage Brokers

melbourne mortgage brokers

What If We Finance’s friendly and experienced team of mortgage brokers work with your best interests at heart – consistently sourcing the best deals to suit your investment. We help you understand both your short-term and long-term goals by assessing your financial situation, comparing investment loans and negotiating with lenders on your behalf.

From searching properties to applications to settlements – our mortgage broker will help you through the entire investment property process. We also keep you updated on industry changes and negotiate better rates if your circumstances change.

The What If We Finance Advantage

  • Speed – We add value by providing a fast, easy and smart way to fund property investment loans. We get you the best investment property financing you need quickly.

  • Convenience – Our team of mortgage brokers can meet up anywhere in Docklands, Melbourne CBD or even at your home or office. We also offer meetings over the phone, via email or virtually on video conferencing apps.

  • Expertise – With over 22 years of experience in the industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to find the best mortgage rates that help increase your profit margin as much as possible.
melbourne mortgage brokers
melbourne mortgage brokers
  • 7 Days a Week – Our mortgage brokers are available even during the weekends. We will help and support you with any queries and concerns you have — any day of the week.

  • “We Make Finance Simple” – We help you find the right loan for your circumstances and goals, calculate how much you can borrow plus repayments, explain all fees and charges and answer questions about property investment. We’re here to guide you every step of the way and ensure you understand the entire process.

  • Services are Free – What If We Finance gives you the benefit of fees-free mortgage broker services. You don’t have to pay a large lump sum to secure the deal you need.

Our Process to Property Investment Success

Step 1

The path to helping you achieve your property investment goals starts with a conversation. Once you’ve filled out our contact form, we will work with you to understand any obstacles to securing a mortgage.

Step 2

We then get straight to work. We review the market on your behalf and then make affordability plus credit assessments to ensure the recommendations we make suit your individual needs.

Step 3

We then share our recommendations with you, including the justifications behind our suggestions.

Step 4

Afterwards, we will package and submit a full mortgage application on your behalf. We will oversee the process to completion, acting as the middleman.

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See What Our Clients Are Saying

  • I begun my application for a mortgage to buy my first home as a single right in the heart of a pandemic, and while my work circumstances were all up in the air. Naturally, these circumstances were not ideal, and because of this other brokers I contacted didn't want to work with me. When I initially contacted Spiro, he instilled me with confidence - he assured me to not worry and that I would be approved for the mortgage I needed. He was someone that I could trust to sort everything out on my behalf and the entire process of getting a mortgage was stress free for me. Spiro has a wealth of information and experience and this shows through the way he operates. The service he provides is not something you would receive from your run-of-the-mill broker - he is truly exceptional. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. Every step of the process was handled professionally but also personably. I look forward to working with Spiro again in the future when I decided to refinance. I highly recommend his services, and will be referring friends, family, and colleagues. Thank-you Spiro and Agnes at What If We Finance!
  • Thank you to Spiro and Agnes for the exceptional service received, especially during these challenging times. They were prompt to solve all of my queries and the communication was beyond excellent. They guided me at every step of the way and made the entire process feel like a breeze. Will recommend them to all my friends, colleagues and relatives.
  • I first made contact via telephone and was looked after by Spiro and his team. From that very first moment they were able to attend to my needs and solve my queries in a knowledgeable and professional manner. Their personal approach and excellence in customer service is what ultimately made the decision of choosing them over their competition very easy. Much recommended. Thank you once again Spiro and Team.
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Why Choose What If We Finance?

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  • I am a first home buyer so I had very little knowledge about how the process worked. I can’t imagine how I could have done this without him. Spiro visited me at my home several times and made sure I was aware of everything that was going on. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. Thank you for helping to make my dreams come true.
    My dreams come true in my first Home
  • I am extremely impressed with the level of professionalism and quality of the service that I received. Spiro has been absolutely great. He offered advice and help which extended beyond the call of duty. I was kept informed of the progress of my finance application at every stage of the process. If you are looking for excellent service and advice, I would strongly recommend that you use this broker. Definitely the best decision that I have made.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which loan is best for my needs?
This is best answered by one of our mortgage brokers. Contact us today and we will source the most suitable deals for you on the market.
How much will I need for a deposit?
This depends on your situation and how each lender assesses your capacity to borrow. Some banks only require a 5% deposit if you have a good credit history, a stable job and your income are sufficient to cover the loan repayments.
What does a mortgage broker do?
We act as the middleman between you as a borrower and various lenders. Our role is to assess your personal situation, find the best loan product for your needs and goals and then negotiate the loan’s successful approval and settlement.
Why should I invest in property?
Property investment is a tested and proven investment option that is more stable and predictable compared to many other investments. Unlike the stock market, property values fluctuate rarely and most often increase. You’re likely to benefit from stable cash flow from rent payments and a good return on your investment.
Will there be support available for me in case my financial situation changes?
At What If We Finance, we offer ongoing service to ensure your loan can change to meet your needs. We don’t forget you after your loan has settled. We can help you modify your loan or switch products to secure rates that work better for you.
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