How much can I really borrow?

RBA Cuts interest Rates
August 6, 2013
Housing market predicted to grow strongly
August 24, 2013

How much can I really borrow?

You may have a dream home in mind but you first need to work out if you can afford it. There are many factors that feed into our decision around what to buy and where – proximity to work and family and our stage of life are just a few – but the single biggest decider is nearly always what we can afford.

It’s really a case of looking at the big picture and working your way back from there. Consider your household income and what you realistically can afford in loan repayments, taking into account all of your expenses.

As a guide a mortgage calculator can be a great place to start, but it won’t take into account all of your personal circumstances or eligibility for a loan so talk to your mortgage broker What If We Finance today.

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