Home Loan Competition is increasing

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June 9, 2015
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September 27, 2015

Home Loan Competition is increasing

As we enter spring home loan competition is increasing. Mortgage Broker What If We Finance advises a number of lenders are reducing their interest rates. Lender competition is starting to increase and this means good news for borrowers!

These discounts are only available to owner occupied loans but there are still a number of lenders who are lending at competitive interest rates to property investors. This is where you mortgage broker can help. While banks are reported to have tightened their lending criteria your mortgage broker can advise you on where the best deals can be found.

The jury is still out whether the above changes are due to a slowing of the property market or a result of the seasonal boost in activity around September. However RP DATA are reporting the number of new listings year on year are higher compared to August 2014.

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Consequently we are expecting to see more properties on the market and with tighter lending conditions this may mean better buying opportunities for prospective home buyers.

What If We Finance believes given the above conditions now is the time to begin looking for property so contact us today for an unbeatable deal and service.




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