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Buying a home is one of life’s most exciting experiences. What If We Finance is here to make finance simple so you can concentrate on the important things, finding your dream home. Whether you’re a first home buyer, changing homes or just after a holiday home we are here to help to buy your dream home.

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First Home Buyers

At What If We Finance we guide you through the entire process and help you buy your first
home. Your mortgage broker will advise you on

We will work with your conveyancer and real estate agents to make the process stress free and simple. Our goal is to save you money and time so you can focus on finding your dream home. As part of our process will help you with:

1. The First Home Owners Grant
2. The First Home Loan Deposit Scheme
3. Government Fees and Charge

We will guide you through the process to ensure you maximise the government benefits available to you as a First Home Buyer most important we are available 7 days a week and our service is free.

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Changing Homes

You have decided you need a bigger home or want to live somewhere different or just want to renovate your existing home. Your Mortgage Broker, What If We Finance can assist with
Changing Homes may call for a new or different home loan. Even though you already have a home loan you know what is involved in organizing a new loan so to make it simple for you speak to your What If We Finance Mortgage Broker.

We will also work with you to determine the new loan amount you will need including agents fees and paying out your old mortgage. n a matter of minutes your What If We Finance Mortgage Broker can give you an indicative approval.

Find The Best First Home Buyer Loan

Buying a home should be fun and exciting – not frightening. But it’s easy to see why some people can feel overwhelmed. From the second you start looking at mortgages, there are different terms thrown at you and you may not know much about the general property-buying process.

Fortunately, you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself. At What If We Finance, we have expert home brokers in Melbourne who will help you find the best first home buyer loans for your situation. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you’re planning on moving to a new home, we explain the various mortgage options available and assist you at every step of your home buying journey.

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mortgage broker home shape

An Expert Mortgage Broker For First Home Buyers In Melbourne

What If We Finance guides first-time home buyers through the complex loan process. We get you pre-qualified for free – even before you find your new home! With a variety of lenders and loan options to choose from, you can buy your first home with little downtime and select a loan that meets your unique needs.

Our mortgage broker services for first home buyers in Melbourne have helped hundreds of clients build their perfect home-loan application, make a mortgage work according to their needs and open the doors to their dream homes. We’ve done it for them, we can do it for you too!

Construction Loans

Construction loans, also known as owner-builder loans or house and land packages, are different from regular home loans, as the bank needs a land contract and a building contract.

Funds are advanced progressively through the five stages of construction. Unlike a traditional home loan where funds are made available at settlement, a construction loan lets borrowers draw on the loan balance when payments need to be made to the builder.

These payments are made at key stages of the building process and are known as progress payments. While under construction you will are required to make interest repayments on money that has been paid to the builder.

This means you will only be paying interest on money that has been used. As such, repayments will be smaller at the start of your loan and will gradually increase gradually as the home approaches completion. In general, construction home loans have a variable rate, with a maximum Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) of 90%

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Types of Home Loans

With so many first home buyer loans available in Melbourne, it can be hard to know which one’s best for your situation. Let’s take a look at the standards types of first home loans so you know what to expect from each one.

With variable-rate loans, your repayments depend on the rises and falls of interest rates. If rates go down, so do your repayments. If rates go up, your repayments will rise too. In a lower interest climate such as Australia, variable rate loans be a good option for a first time home buyer loan.

A variable rate loan's important feature is that you can make extra repayments to pay off your loan sooner, at no extra cost to you. Additionally, you have the option of 100% offset, which you won't get with a fixed-rate loan.

With fixed-rate loans, your interest rate is fixed for a specific period of time typically one to five years (it's higher for investment properties). Once the period's up, you can switch to a variable rate loan or opt for another fixed-rate period.

The ultimate advantage of fixed-rate loans is the certainty they offer. You know the exact amount of your repayments. You're also choosing certainty and security over flexibility, which will help you budget better. The major downside is that if interest rates fall, you won't get the benefit of lower repayments.

Do you want features such as 100% offset and the certainty of fixed repayments? A split loan is for you part variable, part fixed.

How do split loans work as first home loans? Basically, you have two smaller loans that equal the total amount of your loan. For instance, you might borrow a total of $500,000, but fix $300,000 and then keep $200,000 as a variable. Think of a split loan as a hedge if interest rates fall, you're better off than if you'd chosen a fixed-rate loan. Conversely, if they were to rise, you're better off than if you'd just gone with a variable rate loan.

home loans

As selecting the best home loan can be daunting, don’t feel like you have to do everything on your own. Contact your friendly home loan broker in Melbourne from What If We Finance and we’ll help you throughout the entire process.

Home Buying Requirements

Everyone’s situation is different but when it comes to home buying requirements, you should prioritise on three things: your house deposit, the house you want to buy and your home loan rate.

When looking for a good deal on first home loans, the interest rate matters. As home loans are long-term debts, even the smallest difference in interest will add up over time.

A professional mortgage broker for first home buyers in Melbourne will help you with the following:

  • Compare home loan rates

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  • Get pre-approval to buy

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Applying for First Home Owner Grant/Duty Concessions

As a first home buyer, you may be eligible for a grant and/or duty concession or exemption. To qualify as a first home buyer, you must be buying your first home, move into the property within 12 months, and reside there for at least six continuous months.

  • First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme

    Partial or full exemption on transfer duty

  • First Home Owner Grant (New Home)

    Offers 10,000 towards the purchase price, in addition to the benefits of the First Home Buyers Assistance Scheme

Why Choose us

The What If We Finance Advantage

What we do

Our Process for Mortgage Success

Why Choose What If We Finance?

At What If We Finance, we know there is more to home loans and good mortgages than just the interest rate. Our mortgage broker looks at a range of other factors and considers how they relate to you and your circumstances. We get to know you, your goals and your situation before finding the right home loan to suit your needs. We are motivated by your best interests and offer the benefit of over 2 decades of experience.

We also don’t stop at making your life easy during the home loan process, we stick with you for many years to come. When it’s time to review your home loan’s health, we will re-assess if you can get a better deal and help make it happen. Should you need to buy elsewhere or refinance, we’ll be there too.

Our first-class service is reflected in our leading client testimonials from Google Reviews and Word of Mouth Online Reviews.

Every year, we make the property purchase dreams of our clients come true. Let’s make your dream home one step closer to reality. Fill out our contact form below for any concerns or enquiries about the mortgage options available to you.

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Contact Us today and we will be in touch to find you an unbeatable deal starting from 1.79% or even up to $4500 cash back.
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The What If We Finance Advantage

What If We finance is a mortgage broker who is also Melbourne's leading independent mortgage broker and is available 7 days a week. Our service is free and since 2008 we have helped home loan refinancers, home buyers and property investors find an unbeatable deal. Your mortgage broker What If We Finance does all the legwork and we take the stress out of finance so you can focus on the important things.

Melbourne's best mortgage broker What If We Finance helps you save both time and money. Our service is free, we are available 7 days a week and we help you find an unbeatable deal.We provide you with access to different lenders, rates and loan types — offering you options that a traditional bank cannot. Once you choose a loan that suits your specific needs, a mortgage broker ensures things happen on time and you’re fully informed at every step of the process.

Does What If We Finance charge fees?

Our services are completely free of charge. We are paid a fixed commission fee by the lender of your choice, fully disclosed to you.

At What If We Finance, we don’t forget you after your loan has settled. We will continue to be there for any concerns or queries on your part. We can also help you switch products or modify your loan. Each year, we review your loan to see if it still suits your needs. If it doesn’t, we do our best to negotiate and secure a better rate from your lender.

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Matthew B
Matthew B
Looking at the reviews for What If We Finance, it comes at no surprise to see so many 5-stars. Spiro handled the mortgage part of my girlfriend and I purchasing our first home. He made himself available to us around the clock and ensured that we were across the entire process and felt as comfortable as possible. We're very fortunate to have gone about buying our first home with Sprio and we'd be more than happy to use him for future purchases and to refer on to family and friends. A big shout out to Agnes also who busily works away in the background and also does an incredible job. You guys are the best!
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hari gowtham
hari gowtham
Very happy with the results from Spiro from start to finish. Spiro and his team are very knowledgeable and have a very quick turnaround time. Couldn't be more happier with the service. Definitely my go-to person for upcoming purchase.
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Gary Shekhter
Gary Shekhter
Great broker and trustworthy. Honestly had seen 5 brokers and fund this wonderful guy. Who helped from start to finish fast and had our loan in no time at all. Thank you again champ you did an amazing job
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Leonie Kemp
Leonie Kemp
Thank you Spiro and Agnes for helping with the purchase of my first home. I needed to arrange finance quickly and Spiro did a fantastic job letting me know the best options for me and pushing to get the pre-approval so I didn't miss out on purchasing my home. Everything went very smoothly, thanks for helping make my first property purchase straightforward.
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Thank you Spiro and team for your help in financing the mortgage for the recent property purchase. Spiro provided timely advise, guided me on the process and was swift in processing the documents. His friendly attitude makes the process even better. Thank you once again.
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Anita Naughton
Anita Naughton
As a first home buyer I had very limited knowledge on what I needed to do. I searched for a broker and What if we finance stood out due to reviews. I had my first session with Spiro and never looked back! The whole process was seamless, I felt supported and could always connect with Spiro when needed. Spiro and Agnes are experts in what they do and I would highly recommended anyone looking for finance to choose What if we finance. I will be a lifelong customer and look forward to buying our next house with their support.
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Mahmoud Al Kilzi
Mahmoud Al Kilzi
Spiro & his team did a great job by getting my loan sorted in time. I would recommend them to family & friend. Great work guys much appreciated.
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Rebecca Zeeman
Rebecca Zeeman
Spiro and Agnes provided great help and advocacy in getting us our home loan. We felt they were always available and were super efficient in getting it all done on time! The process was so simple and without stress thanks them both.
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Irish Azcuna
Irish Azcuna
I can’t thank Spiro and Agnes enough for making my first home purchase so efficient, stress-free and seamless! If I could give more than 5 stars I would. As a first home buyer applying for one or the government’s schemes, my situation would have been so complicated that I never imagined being able to complete the process in such a short time. Spiro’s in-depth knowledge, invaluable and always-available support, and genuine willingness to help get me the right mortgage for my situation, made everything possible. His pragmatic advice even helped me decide on the right property for us, which would help us achieve our long-term goals. I highly recommend Spiro and his team. We will definitely engage their service again for our next property. They are the best!
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Renee Briggs
Renee Briggs
Spiro is reliable, has your best interest as his top priority and is fast to get great results. We wouldn't ask anyone else for their professional opinion- Spiro is the best in the business.
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