Interest Rates are increasing what you need to know

Interest Rates were set by the RBA Traditionally the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). would set interest rates in Australia. The RBA would adjust the cash rate. The cash rate is effectively the rate our banks borrow money at from the RBA. Like any business as the cash rate goes up and down so would [...]

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Fixed Interest Rates are they a gamble?

Home Loan Fixed Rates are they a gamble? This is a thought that has been occupying What If We Finance more and more and recent research by Canstar has found that typically its a 50/50 proposition . More specifically will you come out ahead financial when fixing your home loan? As an example the [...]

Why should I use a Mortgage Broker?

If you have not  used a mortgage broker before, chances are you will have a few questions. We’ve put together a few of the main questions to help you understand the process. What are the advantages of using a What If We Finance Mortgage Broker instead of going to a bank or other lender? The [...]

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