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How a mortgage broker can take the stress out of finance?

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Today your mortgage broker What If We Finance explains how we can take the stress out of finance and help you buy your dream home sooner than you think

A mortgage broker can be the answer

If you’re a prospective homeowner, you know how  stressful it can be to navigate the home loan application process. From wading through the countless loan products to dealing with the  never ending red tape, and bank staff looking at your finances, it can all seem like too much to handle. But there’s a solution that more and more Australians are turning to: mortgage brokers.

In fact, between July and September 2023, mortgage brokers wrote a staggering 71.5% of all new residential home loans in Australia, the second-highest market share ever recorded. We will now explain how a mortgage broker can help you.

What does a mortgage broker do?

Firstly, mortgage brokers can do the legwork for you. We understand that life gets busy and carving out time to deep dive into home loan products across lenders can be tough and often overwhelming. That’s why we’re here to take that tedious task off your hands.

We can assess your situation and find home loan options that suit you and your goals. We’ll even lodge paperwork and apply on your behalf, and then chase things up to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. And, of course, all brokers are bound by a best interests duty, meaning we always put your best interests first – not ours or the bank’s!

Secondly, having a knowledgeable professional on your side can help boost your chances of success. We know the application process inside and out and can explain the whole home buying and loan process, which is particularly helpful if you’re a first-home buyer or if it’s been a while since you’ve applied for a mortgage. We have a wide range of lenders within our network, potentially providing you with access to a variety of home loan options across different banks and lenders.

What If We Finance has access to over 2,000 home loan products so regardless of how complex your financial circumstance are we are confident we can help.

Our experience means we know which lenders will approve loans with circumstances similar to yours. This saves you time, stress and also potential risks of loans being declined and impacting your credit rating.

Lastly, mortgage brokers provide continued support even after you’ve been approved for a home loan. We can regularly review your rate with your bank on your behalf to help you avoid the “loyalty tax” where new customers tend to get lower rates.

Mortgage Broker Melbourne, What is  with any questions you may have, and when you’re ready to refinance, unlock equity in your home, or any finance matter we can help.

Mortgage Broker Melbourne – What If We Finance is here to help

So, if you’re ready to make the home loan process a whole lot easier, get in touch with a mortgage broker today. We will find you  home loan so you can focus on the fun stuff finding your new home.

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